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  • Wendy Vaughan

The best job in the world!

"Dressage is a team sport."

"It may be just you and your horse that go down the centre line, but it takes a much bigger team to create a winning test"

"Physio has played a massive part in the success I have had with Pluto in the last three years. Most horses, particularly those like Pluto with a few more years behind them and a competitive past, need more help keeping their bodies strong and supple than the most skilled of riders can provide.  Regular physio can stop the little niggles from becoming big issues and can help the bigger worries ease far quicker than rest and rehabilitation alone.

From 18-21 years-of-age Pluto has successfully competed in British Dressage from Elementary to PSG. He’s reached two Pet Plan Championships in three attempts and came 4th in a huge class at last year’s Summer Championships. We are hoping to attempt an Inter I before he finally hangs up his dancing shoes."

"We couldn't do what we do without physio as part of our team."

Jayne Noblet

When I look at the smile on Jayne's face, and see her achieving her dreams with her horse Pluto, it makes me feel as though I genuinely have the best job in the world.

Train as a Veterinary Physiotherapist, and not only have your own dream career, but be part of supporting someone else’s dreams too!

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