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Application Process


Our applications process remains open throughout the year.  Our courses have no fixed start and end dates.  You can start your course at any time subject to your application being successful and all onboarding requirements being met.

To apply


      To apply you will need to submit:        completed application form

                                                         Proof of identification and proof of address

                                                         Proof of your qualifications

                                                         Two references

                                                         Completed animal handling evidence form(s)


Or you can request an application form by either calling or emailing the office.


Please email your completed application and supporting documentation to the office at



You can submit your completed application form in the first instance to register your interest and follow up in due course with the remaining documentation.

On receipt of your full application and accompanying documentation, applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements will then be invited to a telephone or online interview. 

The outcome of your interview will usually be communicated to you within 10 working days.

Entry Requirements


Candidates must be


A minimum of 18 years of age.

Be capable of working at a Level 4 standard or above (equivalent to 1st year degree/foundation degree level)

Hold a Level 3 or above qualification in a relevant subject area (nursing, vet nursing, hydrotherapy, grooming, BHS for example. This is not an exhaustive list).


Have significant (12 months minimum) demonstrable relevant animal experience.

You must be able to evidence 100 hours of pre-requisite animal handling experience.  This must include a balance of canine and equine and can include up to 10 hours of other species (pet ownership is not sufficient to meet this criteria).


GCSEs A*-C/Grade 4 or above to include Mathematics, English Language and Science or equivalent are desirable.

You will be required to hold, or be working towards, a relevant animal first aid certificate.

To undertake Stage 2 (Level 5), you must have completed the Stage 1 (Level 4) course as a pre-requisite.

To undertake Stage 3 (Level 6), you must have completed the Stage 2 (Level 5) course as a pre-requisite.

We operate a Recognition of Prior Learning Policy.  If you wish to apply via this route, please get in touch.

If you are unsure whether you meet our entry requirements, please call the office and we can explore this with you in more detail.



To complete the course you will need:


A computer with internet access in order to access our learning platform.

Some time to set aside to study on a reasonably regular basis.

You can complete the course at a pace to suit you, as quickly or slowly as you wish, so long as it is within the overall deadlines.  From the point of registration on each stage you will have:

24 months to complete Stage 1

A further 30 months to complete Stage 2

A further 36 months to complete Stage 3.

Some time to attend online lectures, workshops and study groups, although there will usually be a degree of flexibility and choice.

To be able to travel to attend face-to-face practical training and clinical practice days thought the UK, although there will usually be a degree of flexibility and choice.

Some time and access to animals to undertake practical practice and case study work.

The ability to undertake some work experience (contacts with vets, farriers, saddle fitters, hydrotherapists, trainers, behaviourists etc).



Course Fees



The total cost of the 3 Stages that make up the full Veterinary Physiotherapy qualification for 2024 is



All three Stages, paid together, in advance, are offered at a discounted rate of:  £15,500.    


The Academy is not currently VAT registered, however, it is envisaged that in time it will be, at which point all prices will be plus VAT.

Not only does paying up-front attract a great discount, this also locks in your costs for all three stages, avoiding any annual increases to the cost per Stage.


​Course fees payable for each Stage individually:

Stage 1:  £4,000    Introductory discounted fees:  £3,750

Stage 2:  £6,000 

Stage 3:  £7,000  


Fees for each Stage can be paid in installments.

An initial payment of 30% is required to cover all of our upfront costs, followed by 10 further monthly instalments to cover the balance. 

The option to pay by installments is subject to an administration fee of £100.


All course fees are subject to annual revision.


We accept most major debit or credit cards.

(Unfortunately we are unable to accept American Express.)



Are there any additional costs?


You will be expected to meet the cost of travelling to face-to-face training and clinical placements.


You will be asked to take out student insurance to cover your case study work.  This usually costs around £100 per annum.

You will be required to hold, or be working towards, a relevant animal first aid certificate.


You may want to purchase some textbooks or other learning resources.  This should be minimal as the course materials are extensive and cover everything you need to know.  You will be provided with a reading list, and a great deal of the reading material will be internet based, or accessible free of charge, but there are one or two key texts that are worth investing in.


There will be some equipment that you’ll need to purchase (for example, a step/box to stand on when treating horses), and if you don’t already have it, suitable clothing and footwear for practical training days with horses and dogs.


On rare occasions, if a student has to repeat an assessment more than twice in order to achieve a pass, a reassessment fee may be chargeable.  Full details are provided in our Learner Agreement.


On graduation, should you choose to join RAMP, or any other professional associations or registers, any charges associated with this are your responsibility. 

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