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  • Wendy Vaughan

Do a job worth doing!

Train to be a veterinary physiotherapy and do a job that truly makes a difference!

"At Saxon RDA group we are a community of people who work with our horses to change people’s lives in a positive way. All of our disabled participants are enriched by the time they spend riding or working with our horses, and alongside physical therapy we see benefits to people’s mental health, wellbeing, socialisation, communication and confidence, the list of endless. We can’t do any of this without our horses, we own 6 of them and not only do we have a team of volunteers and coaches looking after their welfare, we also work really closely with our professionals like our physiotherapist, vet, dentist, farrier, saddler and lorriner, to keep our horses in tip top condition. RDA work can be physically demanding, and it’s important that our horses stay fit and healthy, cared for by people who know each horse inside out. Having a physio who comes regularly to give our horses their regular MOT as part of their routine care is just as important as having them ‘on call’ for advice and treatment when there is an issue. And when there has been a serious issue, such as one of our horses being operated on for kissing spines, having that relationship with our physio to guide and support the group through rehabilitation and back into full work is priceless. Together we are a great team, everyone is working together to put horse’s health and welfare front and central and thanks to the important role that our physio plays in this, we have a team of happy, sound, fit horses who love their job as much as the people!" (Kady Chatman, Chair, Saxon RDA Group)

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