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  • Wendy Vaughan

And we are Launch!

I am so very excited to officially launch The Academy of Veterinary Physiotherapy!


It has been my dream to be able to offer flexible, accessible, achievable vocational qualifications in the field of animal physiotherapy.  After many, many months of hard work and effort, I am beyond proud to announce our new, RAMP approved, iPET Network Ofqual regulated qualifications in Animal Sports Massage, Animal Sports Massage and Rehabilitation and Veterinary Physiotherapy.

Watch this space for more information, or check out the website:

"May the powers that be bless this Academy, and all who study with her!"

Quality - Expertise - Commitment - Passion

I am passionate about the care of animals.  I have worked as a veterinary physiotherapist for a number of years, and my first priority has always been to ensure the best possible care of our animals, whether they be beloved pets or working animals or competing athletes.

I am also passionate about education, in particular developing the next generation of practitioners who will help us care for our animals.

It is also extremely important to me that in developing the next generation of practitioners, we help and support people on their journey with strong personal and professional development, enabling people to become the most successful practitioners possible, and to contribute to the future of our industry.

It is important to me that there is a credible route for people to train and develop as animal therapists, that is flexible, accessible, affordable and achievable.  I am extremely proud to be launching a suite of RAMP approved, iPET Network Ofqual regulated qualifications.

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